siBIM 2017 - "Developing digitalization of built environment"

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siBIM - BIM Association Slovenia,

together with  Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana,


3. professional conference 

siBIM 2017 - "Developing digitalization of built environment"

16.11.2017, hotel Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons, Ljubljana


After two successfull conferences in Lendava and Maribor, the siBIM - BIM Association Slovenia, organizes the 3rd siBIM 2017 - "Developing digitalization of built environment".

As a one-day professional event, the conference will take place on November 16, 2017 in the pleasant atmosphere of the Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons Hotel in Ljubljana. As part of the conference, a BIMathlon will take place on November 14, 2017, where groups (engineers, students, students, ...) will compete in the use of BIM approach for building projects. Sponsor of BIMathlon is the company Marles hiša Maribor, d.o.o.

The theme of this year's conference focuses on:

systemic implementation of BIM in the area of ​​built environment,
novelties and initiatives in the field of BIMa, and
examples of using the BIM approach.
BIM-approach is increasingly present in all areas of the built environment (construction, architecture, geodesy, geology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, IT). Investors are finding that the use of the BIM-approach at the design stage simplifies and low-cost construction. Managers and owners of objects are also waking up, who began to realize that a detailed BIM model of the building can be used to lower the cost of managing buildings. A number of initiatives (institutes, events, presentations, projects) that have emerged in Slovenia last year undoubtedly show that Slovenia can become a leader in the implementation of BIM in the region.



Conference fee

  • Conference fee, paid until 8.11. is 90 EUR. siBIM members pat only 70 EUR. Students pay only 35 EUR.
  • Conference fee, paid after 8.11. is 100 EUR. siBIM members pat only 80 EUR. Students pay only 40 EUR.
  • Conference fee includes coffee breaks, lunch and social event with music



  • Fill the form at the bottom of the page. 
  • Registration is open until 120 participants are registered.


  • You are invited to sponsor the conference.


Honorable patron



  •, Klara Mihalič (041 991331)



  BIMathlon sponsor    







                        N42 Invest



Media partners



Organizational and Programme Committee  siBIM 2017


siBIM 2017 - 2. BIMathlon


BIM Association Slovenia,

together with Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering at University of Ljubljana and Bimatori Institute, organizes

2. BIMathlon

as part of the conference

siBIM 2017 - developing digitalization of built environment


UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Jamova cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana


BIMathlon is a competition for teams in use of BIM approach in the area of ​​the built environment. It will take place on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, starting at 8 am, at UL FGG. The participating group can have of up to five members, most likely from different fields of construction, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technologies. The group members can be engineers, architects, students etc.

At the event a project will be presented to teams. This year the project (a building) was contributed by the sponsor company Marles Hiše Maribor d.o.o.. The project first requests the design of a BIM model and then its use for different tasks.

Best three teams will present their projects at the conference siBIM 2017 - developing digitalization of built environment.



  • Design of detailed and open BIM-model (Open BIM) for the given project that includes building and its surroundings, architecture, construction elements, furniture and installations.
  • Use of the BIM model for analysis (statics, energy), BIM 4D model, Bill of Quantities, preparation of documentation and visualization.



  • 1st place : 500 EUR
  • 2nd place: 250 EUR
  • 3rd place: 100 EUR

Winning team will be invited to present its project to the sponsor company Marles Hiše Maribor d.o.o. First three teams will be invited to join the conference siBIM 2017 on the 16. 11. 2017 in Hotel Four Points by Sheraton in Ljubljana.

All teams will be invited for an interview for



Teams must register until 12.11.2017 to with the following data:

  • name of the team
  • team member names, their education, e-mails
  • vodjo skupine

All team members will receive BIMathlon-T-shirts. Food and drink is included.

Following teams are already registered:

  • Team "0011101000110011"
    • Fares Vladimir Villca Šeme (student civil engineering)
    • Miha Koplan (student civil engineering)
    • Rok Lipužič Geroni (student civil engineering)
  • Team "PARK"
    • Patrik Glavica, dipl. inž. grad. (VS)  (student) 
    • Andrej Žolnir, dipl. inž. grad. (VS) (student), team leader
    • Katarina Šundrica, dipl. inž. grad. (UN) (student) 
    • Rok Čelofiga, dipl. inž. arh. (UN) (student)
  • Team "BIMtim"
    • Matic Ledinek, mag. inž. grad., team leader
    • Mitja Furman, dipl. inž. grad. (UN) (student)
    • David Dobrotinšek, dipl. inž. grad. (UN) (student)
  • Team "ALLHOUSE"
    • Marko Žgavc, dipl.inž.grad., team leader

    • Peter Jermol, u.d.i.a.

    • Mirza Salkič, dipl. inž. grad.

    • Blaž Pucelj, dipl. inž. grad.



UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Jamova 2, 1000 Ljubljana, room P-I/3.



●     8:00-9:00 - team setup (equipment, etc.) 

●     9:00-9:10 - welcome (by UL FGG)

●     9:10-9:30 - introduction to BIMathlon (project, requirements, evaluation)

●     9:30-13:00 - team work

●     13:00-13:45 - lunch break

●     13:45-18:30 - team work

●     18:30-18:45 - submission of work

●     18:45-19:00 - closing 




sBIM 2017 conference organization


siBIM 2016 - "BIM – the DNA of Built Environment"

[slovenian version]

siBIM - BIM Association Slovenia


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor, Krekova 2, Maribor

are organizing
the 2nd professional conference 
siBIM 2016 – 'BIM – The DNA of Built Environment'
25 November 2016, City Hotel, Maribor


After the successful 1st professional siBIM 2015 conference,  the siBIM Association is now organising the siBIM 2016 conference, this time sub-titled 'BIM – The DNA of Built Environment'.
The Conference, a one-day professional event, will be held on 25 November 2016 at the pleasant City hotel in Maribor, which lies next to the river Drava. As part of the conference there will also be an event called BIMathlon held on 24 November 2016 where teams (engineers, students and pupils) will be competing to solve a practical problem using the BIM approach.
This year's conference focuses on key advantages and obstacles of the BIM approach in various areas of built environment with an emphasis on implemented projects and exchange of experience in using the BIM approach.  The key in using the BIM approach is its correct use that is to the right extent, right project stages and at the right place.  
The BIM approach is also being implemented in individual apartment building where the project, the value of the investment, the functionality of the building and building maintenance are also significant. As far as public investments are concerned, the positive attitude to the BIM approach of individual investors is resulting in first pilot projects, which are very important for Slovenia and which will identify real advantages and obstacles on the path towards a national strategy for using the BIM approach, also in often expensive and complex infrastructural projects. Building managers are also becoming aware of the potential of using the BIM model for many processes in building maintenance. Implementation of digital models of building products that have been changing the technology of building production, including the use of 3D printers, has been underway.   
Marketing solutions for using the BIM models for a better presentation of a building, its indoors and outdoors, facade lining and mechanical equipment installations have been introduced.  Interoperability secured by open BIM standards enables the integration of domain BIM submodules which offer support to project teams in building projects.  
All of the above points to the fact that the BIM approach is now extensively used in built environment projects. And this will be the main topic of the 2016 siBIM conference.


Conference topics:

  • BIM in the region and beyond (invited keynote speakers)

Connecting users of the BIM approach in the region and beyond is important because it offers the possibility to exchange experience, good practice, conclude strategic partnerships and encourage standardisation of classification systems of building elements and implementation of BIM in national projects. 

  • BIM as a tool of communication and more effective decision-making in private buildings

Presentations in this topic segment will be focusing on using the BIM approach in various stages of projects funded by private investors (e.g. individual construction). The BIM approach in individual construction enables private investors to have a better understanding of the building, more individualisation and enables them to be easily included in the building process.

  • BIM as an environment for project optimisation and control of maintenance costs and infrastructure facility 

Public funds require transparency in the area of built environment, cost optimisation of a project and the possibility of responsible building management after construction. Identification of processes in building maintenance enables timely planning for using the BIM model and brings direct benefits of using the BIM approach in previous stages of the project.  


Conference proceedings
  Conference proceedings will be published after the conference.  Authors of the accepted abstracts will be requested to submit their papers according to the organiser's instructions by 23 December. The siBIM Association will publish all papers in conference e-proceedings. 
Honorable Patron of the conference is prof. dr. Miroslav Premrov, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture at University of Maribor.


siBIM 2016 Organisational and Programme Committee



siBIM 2016 - BIMathlon


siBIM - BIM Association Slovenia


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor

are organising

as part of the professional conference
siBIM 2016 – 'BIM – The DNA of Built Environment'
24 November 2016, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor,

Krekova 2, Maribor


BIMathlon is a team competition challenge in application of BIM technology for digital built environment. The event commences on Thursday 24th November from 8am onwards until late evening hours and it will take place on Faculty premises (Krekova ulica 2, Maribor, Slovenia). We welcome teams from industry, universities and high schools. It would be recommended if team members came from different fields of construction, architecture, engineering and/or ICT.


The challenges of this year’s BIMathlon are:

  • Create a detailed and open BIM model (Open BIM) for a project of your own choice
  • Use the IFC to exchange data among different software platforms (interoperability)
  • Be able to generate 2D drawings and schedules from the model.


The assessment criteria:

  • 20% model compliant to professional standards
  • 20% number of reference models used (terrain, site, architectural sub-models and/or elements, structural sub-models and/or elements, MEP sub-models and/or elements, etc.)
  • 20% model maturity (LOD, LOI)
  • 20% compliance of the IFC export (at least IFC 2x3) when opened with IFC viewers (Solibri) and uploaded to BIM server (
  • 20% final project presentation at the siBIM 2016 conference

The 3 top scoring teams will be invited to present their project in the afternoon of the siBIM 2016 conference.



The top 3 teams will receive an award and will be interviewed for podcast.


Evaluation Commitee 

dr. Iva Kovačič, dr. Alan Hore, dr. Nenad Čuš Babič, dr. Robert Klinc, Primož Tarle, Iztok Zabreznik, Anja Selinšek, Andrej Žolnir



  • B-Team
  • BIM Trek
  • Allhouse


For more information please contact us on:,

Klara Mihalič (+386- 41-991-331, SI) or Mojca Rozenicnik (+44-7950-75-27-81, UK)


siBIM 2016 Organisational and Programme Committee



KCC 2016

Conference room at KCC 2016, 150 invited participants

Keynote speakers at KCC 2016

dr. David Philp (UK BIM Task Group) and Marina Korol, ki je predavala članom siBIM v letu 2015

Keynote speaker from Italy

Mitja Vovko and Špela Lokar (both TRIMO d.d.), Matjaž Likeb (PILON AEC d.o.o), Andrej Tibaut (UM FGPA)

David Philp (UK BIM Task Group) and participants from Slovenia

Andrej Tibaut (UM FGPA), Patrick MacLeamy (HOK Architects, San Francisco, founder and chairman of buildingSMART International), Matjaž Likeb (PILON AEC d.o.o.)



at the

KCC 2016

in Budapest


The international Key Client Conference (KCC) organised by the Graphisoft company was held in Budapest from 12 to 14 June. SiBIM members Matjaž Likeb (Pilon AEC) and Andrej Tibaut (UM FGPA) attended the conference. Architects from TRIMO d.d. company Špela Lokar and Mitja Vovko also attended.

Dr David Philp (Head of UK BIM Task Group), who has met some of the siBIM members, and architect  Patrick MacLeamy, the founder chairman of buildingSMART International, known in the BIM theory as the author of the MacLeamy curve, which addresses the importance of the BIM approach in the early stages of planning, were amongst the more renowned guests of the conference. After establishing personal contact with them, the siBIM members invited them to informally attend the 2016 siBIM conference. Kazumi Yajima, Director of the Kajima company from Japan made an important contribution to the conference, stating in his lecture: "We created the BIM-model for free to increase profitability of projects..."

The favouring of Open BIM was noticed in lectures and informal meetings at the conference. Open BIM endorses an interoperable BIM model that enables models to be exchanged with various stakeholders (and their programmes) in IFC (ISO 16739:2013 - Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for data sharing in the construction and facility management industries). A lot of attention was given to the concept of generative design of BIM models by using visual programming methods. The concept is supported by the ArchiCAD/Grasshopper (Rhinoceros), Revit/Dynamo and Tekla/Grasshopper programmes.  

At the conference the siBIM members made contacts that might prove quite useful in creating guidelines in Slovenia. The fact that a Finnish visitor of the conference not only gave his business card, but also the link to Finnish BIM guidelines, demonstrates the importance of national guidelines.  It's also interesting that Finnish BIM guidelines are published not only in the Finnish language, but also in Estonian and Spanish.

We again met with Marina Korol from Moscow, who gave a lecture for the siBIM members in September 2015.



BIM Forum 2016 Professional Meeting, 7 June 2016,

in Bled


The siBIM Association co-organised and sponsored the BIM Forum 2016 professional meeting, held on 7 June 2016 at Villa Bled in Bled. The main organiser of the meeting was the CGS plus d.o.o. company in co-operation with Lineal d.o.o and  Bexel Consulting, who are also members of our association.  

The development in the BIM world is very fast and in order for Slovenia to remain competitive it should immediately join other countries where the BIM approach has already been systematically introduced and implemented in projects. The purpose of the event was to present examples of good practice and ideas for the preparation of a national strategy that would implement the BIM approach in the built environment field in Slovenia. 

The main guest at the event was Mr Adam Matthews, one of the most important BIM representatives in the EU and Chair of the EU BIM Task Group, operating under the auspices of the European Commission. The development of BIM around the world, including Europe and Slovenia, as well as examples of good practice were presented at the event.

The participants included siBIM members, managers, directors and decision-makers from the public and economic sector. The event was attended by around 60 people including representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Defence and the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers.

The event exceeded all expectations as the participants recognised the need for a national strategy for implementing BIM as an approach to projects related to the built environment, and paved the way to include Slovenia in the EU BIM Task Group.



Invited lectures:

  •  Opening of the 2016 BIM Foruma  (Matjaž Šajn - CGS plus d.o.o., Ksenija Marc – DRI upravljanje investicij d.o.o., Samo Medved – Lineal d.o.o.)
  • European public sector aims for world class digital construction (Adam Matthews - EU BIM task Group)
  • Introducing the Slovenian Association for Building Information Modelling siBIM (Dr. Andrej Tibaut - UM FGPA)
  • BIM and new technologies in civil engineering and architecture (Aleš Korbar - CGS plus d.o.o.)
  • Contemporary trends in infrastructure planning (Samo Medved - Lineal d.o.o.)
  • BIM approach in project management using 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D BIM – a hotel complex in the Dominican Republic.  (Veljko Janjić - Bexel d.o.o.)
  • Discussion and conclusions


For members, presentations are available on the intranet.

You can view the pictures in the photo gallery.



BIM Zagreb 2016

Mitja Cizej (iProstor, član siBIM), dr. Arto Kiviniemi (profesor Digital Arcitecture Design na Liverpoolski univerzi)


siBIM members

at the

BIM Zagreb 2016

in Zagreb


SiBIM member Mitja Cizej from the iProstor d.o.o. company attended the 1st international BIM conference in Zagreb, Croatia, organised by the Croatian Chamber of Architects). Mr Cizej met with the main guest of the conference Dr. Arto Kiviniemi, professor of digital architecture design at the University of Liverpool, which is considered as one of the pioneers of BIM in architecture. In the attachment you can read an interesting report from the conference.



BIM World 2016

Veljko Janjić, Adam Matthews, Samo Peter Medved, Matjaž Šajn

Člani siBIM, v ozadju stavba v kateri je francosko Ministrstvo za promet in pomorstvo (La Grande Arche)


siBIM members

at the

BIM World 2016

in Paris


SiBIM members (Matjaž Šajn, Samo Medved and Veljko Janjić) attended the professional conference BIM World 2016 from 6 to 7 April 2016 in Paris where they met with Adam Matthews, Chair of EU BIM Task Group. 



siBIM 2015 - BIM in Slovenia (report)


siBIM Association
the first professional conference 
siBIM 2015 - BIM in Slovenia
on 19 November 2015 in Lendava

The siBIM Association organised a professional conference, 2015 siBIM – BIM in Slovenia, which was sponsored by the Municipality of Lendava and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia. Lendava is the first municipality in Slovenia to support the implementation of BIM (building information modelling) in the project to build the Lendava Vilnarium observation tower in Lendavske gorice.   
The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (lead section of civil engineers), the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia co-organised the event.
Around 90 participants were addressed by the ayor of Lendava, Mr Anton Balažek, and the President of siBIM, Dr. Andrej Tibaut. A former minister, Dr. Žiga Turk, also attended the conference. M
“It is no coincidence that the first professional conference of the siBIM Association was held in Lendava, attracting the attention of the professional public and both Slovenian faculties of civil engineering. The members of the Association used the BIM approach to professionally and scientifically assist with the construction of the Vilnarium tower. We worked closely with Lendava Municipality and the contractors. In the name of the siBIM Association, I would like to thank Lendava Municipality for their hospitality and support with organising the conference,” said Dr. Andrej Tibaut. “The observation tower not only contributes to the quality of the tourist offer in this part of Slovenia, but is also a good example of how public institutions can contribute to technological advances. Cutting-edge BIM technology was used in the construction to reduce unforeseen events and cost surges, setting an example for other investors”, said Dr. Žiga Turk of the first use of BIM in Slovenia.  
The Mayor of Lendava, Mr. Anton Balažek emphasised that the construction of the observation tower with the use of the BIM model demonstrates the success of the regional development project and that using the BIM model reduced the risks in the project, which had to be completed in six months, and also increased transparency. 
The purpose of the conference was to present the use of the BIM approach in Slovenia, enable an exchange of knowledge and experience among users of BIM technologies in Slovenia and, above all, to bring together experts who could accelerate the implementation of BIM in Slovenia.
The BIM approach offers information support for architects, consulting engineering (project engineers), building, supervision, and the management and maintenance of buildings. This topic is especially relevant due to the implementation of the European directive on the compulsory use of the BIM approach for all public tenders since April 2016 onwards and the Smart Specialisation Strategy programme, in which the BIM approach is recognised as one of the technologies used as support for the 'smart city' concept. 

Recordings of lectures

The recording of lectures was made possible by the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers – IZS (lead section of civil engineers) and their programme e-learning IZS. All recordings are available on the IZS web portal. We would like to thank the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers and the company IB-PROCADD, which recorded the lectures.

Strategy, investments, projects at home and abroad

  • Significance of using BIM for a country, 
    a discussion with Dr. Žiga Turk (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering), hosted by Dr. Andrej Tibaut (University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture)
  • Managing investments and BIM
    Ksenija Marc (DRI upravljanje investicij d.o.o)

BIM projects in Slovenian companies

BIM projects abroad

Programmes, architecture, training 

BIM in education
Dr. Matevž Dolenc (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Dr. Robert Klinc (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering),  Dr. Andrej Tibaut (University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture), Zoran Pučko (University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture), members of the jaBIM project (Andrej Jaušovec, Katja Kotnik, Matevž Zih), Katja Ježovnik, Andrej Žolnir and Anja Pavličič.


Sponsors and co-organisers



Media partners


Media news



International conference CIB W78 2015

From 27 to 29 October 2015 Eindhoven in the Netherlands hosted the biggest international scientific conference, CIB W78 2015, on information technologies in the fields of civil engineering, architecture and related engineering disciplines. Members of the siBIM Association from the University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture and the Lineal company attended the conference and gave a lecture, 'BIM-based parametric modeling of roads and infrastructure objects'. Eighty-five lectures 85 lectures on various topics were presented at the conference. In 2007, the conference was held in Maribor, where it was organised by the University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture.



Poročilo o predavanju "BIM: National and International Perspective. What? Why? & How?"

 siBIM Association organised a professional lecture on 16 September 2015  

'BIM: National and International Perspective.

What? Why? & How?'

given by

Marina Korol

/ CEO of CONCURATOR, consulting company, CEO, Intelligent Construction (non-profit organisation)
Professor of IAAM (International Academy of Architecture, Eurasian Branch in Moscow); Vice Chair (on BIM) of  Tender Procedures and Innovations Committee of National Association of  Surveyors and Design Engineers of Russia; Member of Task Group of Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federal Government on Realization of  National BIM Implementation Plan.


The lecture was held in the offices of DRI upravljanje investicij, d.o.o., Kotnikova 40, Ljubljana , 1st floor, Lecture room 1

The event was sponsored by the company CGS plus d.o.o. 

The lecture covered the following topics:

  • View of BIM at the national level. Benefits of BIM.
  • New processes, documents, required standards.
  • Three main areas of BIM – Commercial, Education, Technical – how to address them
  • General model of Public Sector BIM Programs. How to start
  • BIM standards and BIM mandates. BIM programs worldwide. Focus on the UK and EU.
  • Where BIM lives in Russia today 2014 – start of Government BIM in Russian Federation.
  • BIM in other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Kazakhstan, Belorussia)
  • Activities and recommendations for Slovenia

The event was attended by 31 participants from the following companies DRI, Telemach, Lineal, Axis, Dars, GI ZRMK, Studio ARS from Croatia, CGS Plus, LUZ, Hermes, Pomgrad, SGS, as well as members of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture in Maribor, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana, IGH Institute in Croatia, and a representative of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.   

Mrs Marina Korol presented the participants with her extensive experience of BIM and cases of the introduction of BIM in other countries. The participants had the opportunity to learn first-hand about activities in the BIM field in Russia, with an emphasis on the BIM implementation strategy. The participants found the lecture very useful, as Mrs Korol gave very clear suggestions and recommendations on how prepare an efficient plan for introducing BIM in Slovenia.  

We would like to thank all the participants for attending the event.


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    siBIM 2018 - "Dobrodošla, prihodnost!" Kongresni center Brdo, Predoslje 39, 4000 Kranj
    Združenje siBIM, organizira 4. strokovno konferenco  siBIM 2018 - "Dobrodošla, prihodnost!" 22. 11. 2018, Kongresni center Brdo, Predoslje 39, 4000 Kranj Združenje siBIM, po uspešno izvedenih treh strokovnih konferencah tudi letos ...

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